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AMEX (Africa Market Express) is our delivery and fast shipping service
We deliver your shipment safely, quickly and conveniently.

Africa Market Express was born with the main goal to save time for our customers.
In addition to helping you shop on the African market, we accompany you throughout the buying process by taking care of the logistics of your shipment, thus ensuring a fast and reliable delivery.

Count on Africa Market’s express delivery service for urgent shipments to and from Africa.

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We take care of everything. From the proper packaging of your packages (to avoid breaks and damage) to transport formalities (customs, tracking, invoice, insurance and others).

If you are in the food industry, we offer you specific solutions for perishable products such as fruits or fishes, to prevent your products from deteriorating during storage and shipment.

AMEX, our rapid delivery service to and from Africa covers the following types of items

  • Urgent letters
  • Miscellaneous documents
  • Invoices
  • Samples
  • Various packages
  • Cargoes


Comparing AMEX to other delivery services

Africa Market Express
TG Afrique
Quality controlQuality verification of goods
Cold StoringSpecific solutions for perishable products
TrackingDaily refresh time for tracking number
3 x
1 x
Product InsuranceInsure your goods or shipment

Choose AMEX for your Logistic.

Africa Market Express
Africa Market Hub
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